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Author: Guram Palagashvili
Here you would find some games, which I wrote using Macromedia Flash MX. Macromedia Flash Player version >= 6 has to be installed.
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I hope, that you'll enjoy playing these games. If you'll have comments or suggestions, please, feel free to contact me.


Sudoku Solver
Tetris MX
Five in line
Knight's Tour
Connect 4

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 Lines with scoretable now!

  Sudoku Solver

This intelligent Sudoku Solver helps you to break through existing and construct your own puzzles.

Usually, each Sudoku puzzle has the unique solution, which can be achieved logically, without guessing. Billions of Sudoku puzzles can be found here:

Just fill the board accordingly to any puzzle that you may wish to resolve and press the "Solve" button. If it can't solve the puzzle completely, then save the current board and try to find row or column with 2 or 3 empty cells. Check all other unused possibilities. Restore the board before checking the new option.

   Sudoku Solver     

Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve.
Leonardo DaVinci


Senet was a board game, represented in the Old Kingdom's tomb paintings of the 5th Dynasty. The word "Senet" means "passing" and the game seemed to be associated with passage through the Underworld. Senet was an allegorical expression of a soul's passage into Eternal Life through the Underworld.

Here is the presentation of the game, which I also call Senet. I used the word "Senet" in the meaning of "passing through" or either "passing through the Darkness".

   Play Senet     
  Tetris MX

Use your arrow keys to rotate pieces and line them up in just the right spot. The spacebar drops them into place when you think you've got it just right.
Make a complete line and you score!

You can choose the theme in this game, either classic, flower or easy, which will change the picture of the shapes that are falling.
You can also toggle the grid off and on, as well as the sound.
Turn the level up for a faster game or down for a slower game.
Tips: use "S"-key to stop game, if you'd like to change the theme while playing.

   Play Tetris MX

Try to move the colored balls into lines of 5 or more of the same color. Do that and they disappear, but if you end up with too many balls and not enough spaces to move them in you're sunk!

Once you have decided on a move, click on the ball you wish to move. This will cause it to start shaking. Now click on the place where you would like to move it.
Note: the ball does not jump, but walks amongst others. It will find a path if there is one, otherwise it won't move.

   Play Lines
   Play Lines - with Scoretable          Up

You've got to line them up to win!
Just try to get five X's in a row before the computer can do the same with its 0's and you win. It's tougher than it sounds !

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  Knight's Tour

All you have to do is move the knight around the chessboard until it's landed on each and every square. The tough part is it's got to move as the piece does in a regular chess game (in other words in a combination of two squares in one direction, and one square in the other). Can you cover the entire board without restarting?

   Play Knight's Tour     Up

The main objective of this game is to reverse the color of all balls on the board. Clicking on a ball will reverse its color and the color of it's neighboring balls, making a plus sign on a brand new board.
Those odd red ones just don't want to turn gray sometimes.
Reverse your thinking for this one and pray for a cloudy day :)

   Play Reverse     Up
  Connect 4

Try to get a row of 4 orange balls. Vertical,horizontal or diagonal rows will give you the win !
Start the game and begin to press the down arrow gates at the top of the board. Your ball will always be orange and the computer's ball will always be green.

   Play Connect4     Up

The objectives of this game are :
 - to have 3 crosses in a pattern of either a horizontal, diagonal or a vertical row.
 - not to let the computer make the pattern first, otherwise you loose.

Naughts and crosses classic style.

   Play Tic-Tac-Toe     Up